Iceland Car Rental 4x4: All You Want to Know

Iceland 4x4s are a popular option among rental cars for a reason. The Icelandic F-roads, Highland trails, and wild backcountry are just waiting to be discovered. The Land of Fire and Ice is synonymous with adventure, and a 4x4 rental car is just the right vehicle for exploring. These are the best and most up-to-date- rental car models we have on offer. 

Suzuki Jimny 4x4

2019-2020 Model

The Suzuki Jimny is a small class SUV with a 4x4 option which allows you to drive on Iceland’s F-roads. It’s a favourite among visitors to our fair shores as it is an economical and versatile option for your road trip experience. While the vehicle has room for four, be aware that cargo space is limited. This makes it ideal for couples or small families, but larger groups may want to consider a vehicle with added trunk space. A sporty, classic option, the Jimny will take you around Iceland’s Ring Road and wherever else you want to go. Suitable for F-roads. 


from 8.900 ISK

Car Rental Iceland
Car Rental Iceland - Iceland Car Rental - Car Hire Iceland

Dacia Duster 4x4

2019-2020 Model

This subcompact SUV offers plenty of room for spacious comfort for up to five people. There’s also a ton of room in the trunk for three or four suitcases or other types of gear. The family-sized crossover comes at a great price and is probably one of the best values for your money.


With a powerful diesel engine and 4WD, you’ll easily be able to experience both the countryside and the island’s interior. The high clearance and manual transmission make it easy for you to comfortably maneuver over most terrain. Suitable for highland F-roads. 


from 9.000 ISK

Car Rental Iceland - Iceland Car Rental - Car Hire Iceland


Suzuki Vitara 4x4

2019-2020 Model

This medium-sized SUV has gained a huge fan base and a cult following. It offers the whole package with power, economy and plenty of room for passengers and gear.


This particular model has a 4-Mode 4WD including low range which can be changed with just the touch of a button. It offers just the type of safety you want in order to keep those closest to you protected while on the road. This makes the perfect vehicle for exploring Iceland and is great on paved and gravel roads alike. The Vitara is suitable for driving on F-roads.   

from 9.400 ISK

Kia Sportage 4x4 

2019-2020 Model

With the Kia Sportage, you are free to roam to your heart’s content. Power, comfort and space are the hallmarks of this fine machine. This quality 4x4 automobile is capable of navigating Icelandic asphalt roads, whether in the summer or in wintertime.


Visit and experience Iceland during the summertime to explore the Highlands. You could also come in the winter to ski at Hliðarfjall in Akureyri. These cars add both luxury and excitement to your adventure around Iceland. Ideal for families and people who value comfort. Suitable for F-roads. 

from 10.250 ISK


Car Rental Iceland - Iceland Car Rental - Car Hire Iceland

Toyota RAV4 4x4

2019-2020 Model

As a larger SUV model, the new Toyota Rav4  is roomy and just right for bigger families and groups of friends. Equipped with an efficient, powerful 2.2 liter engine, this king of the road is perfect for any journey you have planned. Drivers who love comfort and safety will not be disappointed.


The excitement and thrills of a road trip in Iceland will be made all the better in this awesome vehicle. Suitable for F-roads. 


from 10.250 ISK

Car Rental Iceland - Iceland Car Rental - Car Hire Iceland

Why Do I Need a 4x4 Rental in Iceland?

The type of vehicle you choose is entirely up to you. It all depends on factors like your itinerary, travel style, and preferences. If you plan on traveling around the island in the summer and never leaving the Ring Road, then perhaps a 4x4 isn’t the right choice for you. But if you’re looking to head further inland and explore the backcountry, then this is the right vehicle for you. In addition to the previous mentions concerns about safety, some people just prefer having a larger vehicle or SUV. 


Is Insurance a Good Idea?


Driving in Iceland is going to be a new and special challenge for any first-time motorists. Keep in mind that conditions here, both the weather and the roads, are going to be different than what you’re used to back home. If you plan on taking your car on F-roads, GP (Gravel Protection) insurance is highly recommended. SAAP (Sand and Ash Protection) will also protect you from damage caused by the elements. 


4x4 Rental in Iceland - Your Passport to Adventure


Why rent a 4x4 in Iceland? If you’ve done any research for your trip, you know that Iceland’s Highlands require a 4WD. If you plan on hiking the stunning landscapes of Landmannalaugar or traveling on the backroads of the country, then having a 4-wheel drive vehicle is a necessity. Not only that, it’s the law. With your GPS & car, you’ll experience crossing rivers, exploring new territory, and going where few people have gone before.  


It’s also ideal to get an automobile that has better traction and control when traveling outside of the summer months. Windy, snowy weather and icy road conditions can be challenging. Renting a 4x4 vehicle can give you peace of mind when driving because you know you’ll be better able to steer while behind the wheel. Staying in control and taking safety precautions are extremely important for driving safely.  


The 4x4 rentals we have are some of our best rental car sellers, so why not make this your vehicle of choice? 



Iceland Car Rental 4x4: All You Want to Know

When you start researching your Iceland road trip, a few themes and common questions will quickly pop up. Once you’ve decided that you want to hire a car (and a cheap one at that), and begin perusing the websites of car rental companies in Iceland to find the best one, you’ll have a big decision facing you: Is it better to get a 4x4 rental in Iceland or opt for a 2WD car like a sedan or hatchback? Is it essential to rent a bigger, more imposing SUV like a Kia Soul 4x4 or will a smaller vehicle suit your needs and itinerary? Well, it depends. If you’re planning on circumnavigating the Ring Road in summer, you might not need to. But if you’re thinking of traveling either during the winter months or along the island’s Highlands and F-roads (mountain roads), then an Iceland 4x4 rental could be your perfect automobile.


Do I need a 4x4 rental in Iceland?


Let’s first talk about the scenario in which you absolutely need your Iceland car rental to be a 4x4 vehicle. If you want to explore the country’s inland with your rental car & GPS (places like Landmannalaugar and other areas in the Highlands) or on F-roads (mountain roads), you must have a 4WD. Legally, you are not allowed to drive on these unpaved, gravel roads if you don’t have a Jeep, Range Rover, or another rental that allows you full control of your vehicle. These backroads have lots of uneven terrains and require better control than a regular car. With a Land Rover rental or similar sports utility vehicle, you’re better able to steer and manoeuvre the landscape using four wheels instead of two. So if you’re wondering “Iceland car rental: 4x4 or 2WD?”, the answer is 4WD if you plan on driving on F-roads.    


It’s important to note that F-roads are only open in June, July, and August. If you come outside of summer’s high season, there are no zones in Iceland where you are legally required to hire a 4x4 car in Iceland. You may still want to consider it though if you are traveling during the winter months (November to March). This is because icy, snowy conditions on the roads can make things quite dangerous for inexperienced drivers. Slick, slippery roads and black ice are some of the more perilous hazards of winter driving in Iceland. Four-wheel drive cars will you a better grip on the highways and make it easier to rein things in if the unthinkable happens and you spin out of control. 


Just don’t get too crazy and think you’re living out a real-life version of Oregon Trail. Nobody wants our poor passenger Jimmy dying of cholera and we also don’t want you wading into waters that are too deep. Engines can get waterlogged and stop working. If you’re unsure, be a responsible driver, follow your GPS, and roam along the banks of the river until you can find a shallow point for crossing. Your wallet (and car rental company) will thank you for it. 


Do I need insurance for my 4x4 Iceland car rental?


I highly recommend getting insurance for your 4x4 rental in Iceland, especially if you plan on taking your jeep rental offroading for unlimited fun. Basic Gravel Protection (GP), Sand and Ash Protection (SAAP), and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) insurance coverage can help minimize any damage your 4WD might sustain while splashing through mud and gravel, traversing the Highlands or skidding on snow-covered roads.


What are the different models of 4x4 rental cars I can rent in Iceland?

You can quickly browse the websites of the best car rental companies in Iceland to see which makes and models they offer. Jeep rental in Iceland and Land Rover rental seem to be especially popular among tourists and travelers visiting the island. There is quite a wide selection of new, high-quality vehicles to fit everyone’s travel preferences and budget. In addition to Jeeps rentals in Iceland and Land Rovers, you’ll also find 4x4s like the Kia Soul, Suzuki Jimny, Dacia Duster, Suzuki Vitara, Kia Sportage, and Toyota RAV4. They’ve got both manual and automatic transmissions and the engines have both diesel and gasoline options. Please pay special attention when topping up your tank at the gas station to make sure you’re putting in the right type of fuel before you return the vehicle!


If you’re into a more luxury travel experience, Iceland car rental companies also offer 4x4 models like the BMW X1, Lexus NX300H Hybrid, and Toyota Land Cruiser. Obviously, the prices and daily rates will be a bit higher, so take a look around, comparison shop, think about how much you’d like to spend (remembering to factor in insurance) and decide upon the best car to hire for your Iceland trip of a lifetime. 


4x4 Rental in Iceland: All You Want to Know

I hope we’ve covered your most pressing questions about 4x4 rental in Iceland. Once you’ve decided on whether or not your vacation itinerary includes traveling on F-roads, driving in the Highlands, or visiting in the winter, the next big step is to figure out which awesome rental SUV is going to be your Mad Max-like combat vehicle for facing off against Iceland’s extreme elements. Ok, maybe it’s not that serious but it is still pretty cool to roll around in a massive vehicle and feel unstoppable. Please feel free to reach out if you need more info, or have any questions that we didn’t answer or to get a quote for your Iceland 4x4 rental. Happy driving!