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Great Extras

To make your trip to Iceland more pleasant you can customize your rental car with these additional extras listed bellow at a very affordable price.


Rates for extras are also displayed during the search process for each rental car and are located on the right hand side of the extras features section. In order to guarantee your needs, we suggest you choose the extras you would like to add during the online booking process by selecting the options that suit you best.

Car Rental Iceland
Car Rental Iceland
Car Rental Iceland
Car Rental Iceland
Car Rental Iceland
Car Rental Iceland
Sand and Ash Protection.

Car Rental in Iceland


Damages due to volcanic eruptions (ash) and sand storms especially in the south coast of Iceland, can easily cost between 500.000 to 1.500.000 ISK to repair.


New optional insurance is available for our customers protection which covers these ash/sandstorm damages to the paint, windows, lights and components of the car. By purchasing SAAP the self risk in case of damage from sand and ash is lowered to 90.000 ISK. The price of SAAP insurance is 1.650 ISK per day.

Roof box.

Car Rental in Iceland


In order to keep your family or friends comfortable while traveling, a roof box may provide you with the extra carrying space you need. The roof box we offer is around 400 liters and 50 kg. capacity. Dimensions are 175cmx85x45. Available only for certain models.    


Price per day 3.500 ISK 

Baby seat: 0-9 kg, 9-18 kg and 15-36 kg.

​Car Rental in Iceland

Safety is paramount when traveling with children.  Icelandic law requires that children should be secured in approved child seats. Our child seats combine safety and comfort.  


We offer certified and safety approved baby seats.  


Price per rental 4.000 ISK 

Booster seat.

​​Car Rental in Iceland

We will provide a booster seat for children 36 kg. and above, FREE of charge. 


Booster seat is free of charge.


​Car Rental in Iceland

Especially useful in town and equally worthy in the countryside, the GPS navigation system will save you time. Its simplicity will surprise you, as the Garmin will get you to your destination in the shortest possible time.  


Price per day 1.450 ISK 

Extra driver.

​​Car Rental in Iceland

To increase safety register more than one driver at the beginning of the rental. Take a brake and enjoy the ride not to mention the scenery.


Price per day 800 ISK

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