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Diving into Bjorbodin Beer Spa in Iceland

For such a small island, the Icelanders have an incredible passion for beer, and you will find plenty of delicious craft beer brands to try and take home with you during your trip. And if you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to soak in a tub of beer whilst consuming the beverage, well, we can make your dreams come true when you visit Bjorbodin Beer Spa in Iceland.

But this Iceland beer spa is not just a novelty outing to indulge in a fantasy but actually has scientifically proven benefits. So, if this sounds intriguing, and you would like to learn more, or you want to add Bjorbodin to your upcoming trip’s itinerary, then read on as we do a deep dive into these beer baths in Iceland.

beer spa iceland

The Benefits of Taking a Beer Bath in Iceland

As we already mentioned, bathing in beer is not just a dream come true, but offers actual wellness perks. It’s pretty obvious that soaking in warm liquid is incredibly relaxing and can reduce stress.

The same warmth can soothe all sorts of bodily aches and pains. But it’s not just the temperature of the beer that makes the difference. It’s the antioxidants and nutrients in the beer that bring a wealth of wellness benefits. The warmth of the beer opens up the pores and allows one to absorb these antioxidants and nutrients.

These have beautifying perks such as smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and bringing about overall skin rejuvenation. A beer spa also helps with detoxification, washing away skin toxins and bacteria. A combination of both warmth and nutrients also helps improve circulation.

Add the refreshing feeling of drinking a cold beer from the tap whilst relaxing in the warm beer bath, and you’ve got all the ingredients for health and wellness, and the time of your life.

Bjorbodin Beer Spa

About Bjorbodin Beer Spa

Bjorbodin Beer Spa first opened its doors in 2017 and was the very first beer spa here in Iceland. It offers visitors a wide variety of things to do. Not only can you relax in the beer baths, but you can also take a dip in one of the outdoor tubs, grab a bite at the restaurant, and shop some of the best beer products.

The beer used at the spa is an Iceland favorite called Kaldi Beer. But you can’t simply dip your head underneath and take a sip of your bath – the only drinkable water here is the cold beer you have on tap next to you in the bath. Just take note that if you would like to visit the spa, bookings are essential, especially during our busy summer peak season.

Where is Bjorbodin Beer Spa in Iceland?

Bjorbodin Beer Spa can be found in the north of Iceland, between the so-called capital city of the north, Akureyri, and Dalvik. As the spa is just off the popular Diamond Circle road trip route, we’d rather recommend you add Bjorbodin as a stop along the way rather than opt for a day trip, since the bigger cities are still hours away from the spa.

beer bath iceland

When is the Best Time to Visit Bjorbodin Beer Spa?

Although the spa is open all year round, it is located in the northern region of Iceland, which is much colder than the rest of the country and known for its harsher weather conditions. This means that any outdoor activities during the colder months of the year can become very unpleasant.

And if you are planning on taking a self-drive, road conditions can become fairly challenging with sudden road closures occurring. For these reasons, many prefer visiting Bjorbodin during the warmer summer months in Iceland (June to September).

Alternatively, to avoid the peak season crowds and peak season pricing on the island, one can visit during one of the shoulder months (May or October).

How Much Does Entry to Bjorbodin Beer Spa Cost?

Entrance fees will depend on what you’re planning on doing at the baths. For a single beer bath, it’ll be roughly $130, for a couple’s bath it’s roughly $175. Children up to the age of 12 can accompany their parents free of charge (for the soaking, not the drinking).

Entry to the outside hot tubs is about $15. Once again, children up to the age of 12 can join free of charge, but children between the ages of 12 to 16 will be charged roughly $8. Meals and drinks at the restaurant and other products and services at the spa are not included in the entrance fee.

How to Get to Bjorbodin Beer Spa in Iceland

Most visit Bjorbodin Beer Spa in one of two ways:

Via a Guided Tour

There are plenty of tour operators and guides who will be able to take you to Bjorbodin Beer Spa. You’ll be able to choose from day trips, multi-day holiday tours, or customized private tours.

Via a Self-drive

The best way to get to Bjorbodin Beer Spa is by making a Diamond Circle road trip out of it and including Bjorbodin as a stop along the way. This way you’ll remain in full control of your time and itinerary and can experience first-hand everything the country has to offer.

Where to Stay Near Bjorboding Beer Spa in Iceland

If you would like to stay over, the most convenient option would be to stay at the spa itself at Hotel Kaldi. Alternatively, you can opt for a stay at Arbakki Lodge, or choose the most budget-friendly accommodation option and go camping at Dalvik Campground.

A Relaxing Road Trip Stop at the Bjorbodin Beer Spa

The best way to visit Bjorbodin Beer Spa is to rent a car in Iceland and take a road trip to the north via the Diamond Circle route. Taking a relaxing soak in a beer bath whilst having a cold one is probably the best pitstop one can have along a road trip, and definitely gives you some bragging rights to take back home along with some unique beer product souvenirs.



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