Is The Blue Lagoon in Iceland Worth It?

Most of the world now know that the land of ice and fire exists, and approximately where it is. Its reputation for glaciers and active volcanoes has made it a popular tourist destination, bringing visitors from all over. All have the same two goals: to drive the Golden Circle Route and to visit the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa. But what exactly is the Blue Lagoon? Let’s take a look.

Impressive entrance to the Blue Lagoon Iceland with a bridge over turquoise water

What is the Blue Lagoon Iceland?

The Blue Lagoon is Iceland’s most famous geothermal spa. The volcanic country has an abundance of easily accessible, naturally heated water. As a result, every town in Iceland has at least one heated swimming pool, and Icelanders love to swim. There are some pools, however, that offer a more luxurious, exclusive experience than a standard pool; these are the spas.

The Blue Lagoon was founded in 1992. Locals had found that bathing in the run-off water from the nearby geothermal plant was not only relaxing but beneficial. Studies were conducted on the blue water, focusing on its main elements: silica, algae, and minerals. It was found that the water could help to alleviate skin conditions, and in 1999 a spa facility opened. The electric blue water, which is a mixture of seawater and freshwater, comes from deep beneath the surface. It is 240°C when underground, transitioning to a comfortable 38°C when it reaches the Lagoon.

Woman enjoying the Blue Lagoon in Iceland at night

The site continued to gain in popularity, and so expanded to become much more than just a hot pool. In 2012, National Geographic named the Blue Lagoon as one of the twenty-five wonders of the world. Alongside the Blue Lagoon Iceland’s hot springs, there are also two luxury hotels on-site, three restaurants, and a skincare shop. Let’s take a closer look at the facilities.

The Blue Lagoon’s Main Lagoon

This is the main thermal pool, covering a huge area that can cater to many hundreds of people. The Comfort Package gives you entry to the Lagoon, a silica mud mask, and a drink of your choice. You won’t have to leave the water; pick up your mask and drink from the in-water mask and drink bars. The Premium includes all of this plus a second mask of your choice, and the use of a bathrobe and slippers. You’ll also be able to reserve a table at the Lava Restaurant with the Premium Package. Both of these options give you access to the sauna and steam room. You can also add on an in-water massage to leave you even more relaxed.

The Retreat Spa

This extra luxurious part of the Lagoon offers more privacy and more ways to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. You’ll be able to enter both the Blue Lagoon and the Retreat Lagoon; the latter is more secluded and intimate. In the Retreat Lagoon, you can wade through lava canyons, half-hidden in the mysterious steam. With a 4-hour entry, you can make the most of the private changing room and the eight subterranean spaces. Complete the “Blue Lagoon Ritual” by covering your body with silica, algae, and minerals in three separate chambers. Next to the Retreat Lagoon, you have an elevated terrace, a cold well to cool down, and a steam cave. In the Retreat Spa, you also have the option to add additional experiences: in-water and regular massages and beauty treatments.

The Lava Cove

The Lava Cove is the ultimate in luxury, comfort, and privacy, and is the hidden spa within the Retreat Spa. With your very own Lagoon, you can soothe away the stresses of life. Inside, you’ll have a wood-burning fireplace, kitchen and dining area, and personal butler. Enjoy the Italian furnishings, and upgrade your experience with a massage, gourmet dining, or a guided yoga session.

woman with a silica mud mask on her face in the waters of the Blue Lagoon

The Restaurants

The Lava Restaurant: This restaurant is built into an 800-year old lava cliff, giving the building an earthy, close-to-nature feel. With brunch and a-la-carte dinner options, as well as a tasting menu, the Lava Restaurant is a perfect post-Lagoon meal.

The Moss Restaurant: The Moss stands at the highest point in the Lagoon, giving you views of the entire area. It was recommended in the 2019 Michelin Guide and utilizes local ingredients to give a taste of Icelandic cuisine. You have the choice of 5 or 7 course set menus, a vegan menu, or a 7-course chef’s table. Note that both the Lava Restaurant and the Moss Restaurant require reservations in advance.

The Spa Restaurant: With a calm, laid-back atmosphere, the Spa Restaurant allows you to dine in your robe. It’s found within the Retreat Spa, no reservations are required, and a range of light meals are offered.

In addition to the three restaurants, there is also a café at the Blue Lagoon, offering snacks and refreshments.

The Hotels

The Blue Lagoon Iceland’s hotels both offer stunning views, comfort, and luxury in a prime location. But which of the two is for you? Let’s take a look at both.

Silica Hotel: This hotel is built in a lava field. The view from your window depends on the room type you choose: Lava Deluxe, Mountain Deluxe, or Silica Deluxe. Premium entry to the Blue Lagoon is included, and there is a range of hikes and activities in the area. Explore south-west Iceland during the day, then relax in the Lagoon after your adventure.

Retreat Hotel: With the inclusion of an a-la-carte breakfast and entry to the Retreat Spa, you’ll never want to leave. There is a range of suites available to cater to couples or families, providing different views. Note, the minimum age for entry to the Retreat Spa is 12, and for the Blue Lagoon is 2. Join in on group yoga sessions or group guided hikes to stay active, then unwind in the Retreat Lagoon. For the most exhilarating, luxurious experience, choose a stay in the Blue Lagoon Suite. Here, you will have access to your own private Lagoon, sauna, and steam room and floor-to-ceiling windows on two levels.

Blue Lagoon's Skincare Shop

Within Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is a store selling their own range of skincare products. This includes face masks, moisturizers, soaps, and bath salts. There are also two branches in downtown Reykjavík and one in Keflavík International Airport.

woman rubbing silica and creating a face mask on a man's face

Blue Lagoon, Iceland Prices

For as little as ISK 5.990 or USD 47, you can enter the Blue Lagoon with the Comfort Package. The price of entry, however, depends on when in the day you want to go. Since you can stay for as long as you like, the earlier you book the more expensive it becomes. Booking in advance is required, so head over to their website:

The Premium Package starts at ISK 8.990 - USD 71, and the Retreat Spa at ISK 49.000 - USD 38. These Blue Lagoon Iceland prices are accurate at the time of writing, in February 2021.

Where is Blue lagoon Iceland Located?

The Blue Lagoon is found in Grindavík, about 50 minutes south-west of the capital. If you’re driving, Route 41 will take you most of the way there, until you turn left onto Route 43. Look for the signpost on the right of Route 43 for the turn-off to the Blue Lagoon. Alternatively, you could jump on a Destination Blue Lagoon coach, the official transport partner for the geothermal spa. They will pick you up from a designated bus stop in the city and drop you at the Blue Lagoon. Their prices vary depending on the time of day.

The Blue Lagoon isn’t Iceland’s most famous activity for nothing. Millions of visitors testify to the wonder of this geothermal haven. The locals have bathed in the naturally heated water of Iceland for centuries. Come and join in on their favorite pastime, and let the blue water of the Lagoon soothe your mind. Grab your rental car in Iceland and drive the easy journey to this natural beauty.

Samuel Hogarth, Cars Iceland.