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Forest Lagoon: The Latest Addition to the Hot Spring Family in Iceland

Hot springs are almost synonymous with Iceland at this point. The country has so many natural springs in the towns and hidden in nature that they’re impossible to miss. One hot spring that we would never miss is the Forest Lagoon.

This luxurious getaway is a welcome sight for both locals and international visitors. If you want to know why, don’t worry; we will explain it all in this article.

Forest Lagoon

The Forest Lagoon – Getting the Low-Down

Iceland has a complicated history with forests, so it comes as no surprise that this is a popular spot for the locals. The Forest Lagoon in Iceland, or Skogarboðin in Icelandic, sits snuggly on the shore of the nearby fjord with an amazing view. The area invites you to take amazing Forest Lagoon photos, so make sure to have the camera or phone ready before or after the visit to the pools.

The Forest Lagoon looks like a part of the landscape and has introduced plenty of natural elements in its architecture. The role of wood in the design is prominent, as classic Icelandic architecture tends to revolve around concrete, steel, and stone.

Where is the Forest Lagoon?

You will find the Forest Lagoon at the southern end of the Eyjafjördur, right across the fjord from Akureyri. As you might have guessed, this means that the Forest Lagoon is in the northern part of Iceland, right in the middle of mountains, fjords, and other beautiful nature elements of the region.

What’s even better is that the Forest Lagoon in Akureyri is right next to Ring Road 1, so it can’t be more convenient on a road trip around the country.

How do You Get to the Forest Lagoon?

Getting to the Forest Lagoon is easy as pie. From Akureyri, all you need to do is either take the car going east over the fjord or get on the bus that the Forest Lagoon offers to and from town.

If you are going from Reykjavik, simply take Ring Road 1, heading north for roughly 400 kilometers until you reach Akureyri. We urge you to stop along the way and experience as much as you can en-route, but if you drive it in one day, it will take almost 5 hours. 

From Egilsstadir, follow Ring Road 1, going west for 245 kilometers until you reach Akureyri. This will take just over 3 hours, and you will be able to see the east Icelandic Highlands along the way.

What Can I Expect at the Forest Lagoon?

The Forest Lagoon in Iceland has the works when it comes to pampering visitors. When you’ve been busy in the Diamond Circle, this is going to be a welcome stop after a long day or for the morning after.

The water in the hot pools is rich in minerals and is known to be good for the skin, so a dip will do you good if you’ve spent the day outside in the harsh Icelandic wind.

Hot Pools and Then Some

Staying true to the Icelandic image, the Forest Lagoon has large geothermally heated pools. The larger one of two is kept at a cozy 37 degrees Celsius, while the slightly smaller one is a little warmer at 40 degrees Celsius. Both are naturally integrated with volcanic rock and planted trees.

The larger pool also has two swim-up bars and an indoor entrance, perfect for both hot and cold days.

Sauna and Cold Pool – Not Quite the Nordic Way

There is a long-standing tradition in the Nordic countries to get into a warm sauna and then jump straight into or onto something incredibly cold. Normally, the Nordic people would either roll around in the snow or take a dip in a frozen lake. The Forest Lagoon has an 80-degree Celsius dry sauna and an 11-degree Celsius pool.

For most people, this is a good enough difference in temperature to get the blood flowing and to relax the muscles. It’s also important to remember to keep your swimwear on in the sauna, unlike most saunas in the mainland Nordics.

Restaurant With a Hardwood Finish

After a relaxing visit to the hot and cold pools, you can head to the Forest Bistro at the Forest Lagoon. Here, you can enjoy high-quality food and equally high-quality interior décor. Forest Bistro is open between 10 am and 10 pm, but you can only order until 5 pm when the kitchen closes.

How Much is the Forest Lagoon in Iceland?

For grown-ups between 15 and 67 years old, the price of admission is 6,590 ISK (almost $50), while children aged 6-15 can get in for 3,290 ISK (about $25). The elderly of 67 years and older and the disabled only pay 4,990 ISK (roughly $36) and kids aged 5 and under will come in for free. For the one who pitches up without a towel – the reception offers towels for rent for only 900 ISK (roughly $7).

Things to do Around the Forest Lagoon

Even though we are big fans of a retreat at the Forest Lagoon in Akureyri, there are plenty of other things to do in the area that don’t get you wet.

Diamond Circle

As a response to the Golden Circle in the south, northern Iceland has the Diamond Circle, just 30 kilometers east of Akureyri. The Diamond Circle includes stops like Húsavik, Ásbyrgi Canyon, Dettifoss, Mývatn, and Godafoss. It can be done in a day, even though the 250-kilometer-long route is best in at least two days.

Diamond Circle, Iceland

Whale Watching

There are plenty of whale-watching tours in the area. Húsavik is dubbed the whale-watching capital of Iceland, so checking out their tours is a good idea.


There is an island north of the island. Grimsey in Iceland is just 40 kilometers north of the coast and is the perfect place to experience the most extreme form of the Midnight Sun or see vast numbers of Puffin birds in Iceland.

Em-bark on Your Trip to Forest Lagoon

The Forest Lagoon offers a unique opportunity to experience an Icelandic hot spring, surrounded by nature, and without having to get off the beaten track. So, if you want a luxurious experience in a stunning setting, rent a car in Iceland and head north to the Forest Lagoon for the ultimate relaxation. 

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