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The Best Hotels in Reykjavík

The capital city of Iceland is the place where most visitors to the island will spend their first night after landing at Keflavik Airport. Therefore, there is no lack of accommodation in the city. It’s also no surprise that some of the top-rated hotels in Iceland are in Reykjavík. So, if you’re on the hunt for the best hotels in Reykjavík for your upcoming trip to the island, look no further.

In this article, we’ll be detailing some of the go-to places of the capital. Whether 5-star hotels in Reykjavík or conveniently located hotels in the Reykjavík city center. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into where to stay in Reykjavík.

Best hotels in Reykjavik


As the name might suggest, Apotek is the right medicine for any weary traveler who has an appreciation for Art Nouveau. This is one of the 4-star hotels in Reykjavík. It is conveniently located to galleries, shops, Reykjavík museums, and restaurants.

The rooms in this 3-floor tower suite are chic and boast details and extras such as writing desks and parquet veneered floors. And since the deluxe rooms and suites look out across Austurvöllur Square, you can look forward to a room with a view.

Hotel in Reykjavík

Canopy by Hilton

The name Hilton precedes itself, so there’s not much to say about this hotel when it comes to being one of the top hotels in Reykjavík. The Canopy by Hilton hotel is centrally located near the cathedral, harbor, and museums. It’s also just around the corner from the capital city’s infamous shopping street; Laugavegur.

The rooms of the hotel are beautifully decorated in a contemporary style. The price includes things such as free Wi-Fi breakfast and espresso machine in your room. You can also enjoy complimentary bicycles, and access to the library.

Accomodation in Reykjavík main street

Kvosin Downtown

As you might’ve already guessed by the name, Kvosin is one of the Reykjavík hotels downtown and one of the best boutique hotels in Reykjavík. This 19th-century hotel has been revamped with modern Scandinavian décor. Staying here guarantees that visitors only need to take a short walk before hitting one of the local attractions in the surroundings.

As an older building, the rooms are incredibly spacious. And, unlike most hotels, boast fridges and kitchenettes that include a Nespresso machine. Some also have large private balconies overlooking the city. So, if you have the money, you can stay at what is considered to be one of the best hotels with a view in Reykjavík.

Hotels in Reykjavik city center

The Edition

This is one of the Reykjavík hotels that are famous for its amazing views as well as unique aesthetic. The Edition is a 5-star hotel situated on the Reykjavík harbor. It offers stunning mountain views from the rooms and a 360-degree view of the city, the mountain, and the ocean from its rooftop bar.

With views like this, it’s no surprise that the rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows, with many also having their own private terraces. Other amenities include free bike rental and the use of the gym.

Best hotels with a view in Reykjavik


Borg is another one of the best hotels in downtown Reykjavík, especially for those who love historic buildings. The rooms are decorated in an Art Deco style and offer visitors views of the city and Austurvöllur Square. As it’s so conveniently located, most of the top attractions, shops, and Reykjavík restaurants are just a short walking distance away.

Hotels in reykjavik city centre
Austurvöllur Square


Centrum promises a very interesting stay. It’s a contemporary, modern hotel situated on one of the oldest streets of the capital and has plenty of benefits. Not only is the hotel centrally located, but the rooms also cater to bigger numbers. Groups of 4 can sleep in a room. You'll also have access to a museum and café on-site, with a daily breakfast included.

 4 star hotels in Reykjavik

Sand Hotel

The Sand Hotel in Reykjavík is another one of the luxury hotels in Reykjavík that combines contemporary modern designs with the rich history of the city and its buildings. Not only do the hotel rooms take more people (up to 4), but it also goes to the next level when it comes to hotel extras.

Visitors can look forward to heated floors, Nespresso machines, and Bluetooth speakers. You can even request a mobile phone to use locally – absolutely free of charge! In keeping with its historic edge, the rooms are situated on top of a century-old bakery. And, since the hotel is in the famous shopping street of Laugavegur, you’ll find more than enough shops and local eateries to pick and choose from.

Luxury hotels in Reykjavik

ION City Hotel

The ION City Hotel is yet another hotel that is situated on the popular shopping street of Laugavegur. You will find many ION hotels across the island, so it just makes sense that there’s one in the capital city of Reykjavík too. This high-end hotel is considered to be one of the best luxury hotels in Reykjavík.

Its décor and design intertwine modern style with authentic Icelandic approach. Such as, making use of wood paneling and incorporating Icelandic lava stones. All suites have private saunas, and with incredible views over the city center and the bay. It’s also considered to be one of the best hotels with a view in Reykjavík.

Best luxury hotels in Reykjavik


Alda is probably one of the trendiest hotels you can find on Laugavegur Street. Each room is almost better than the next, with some offering incredible views of the ocean and the mountains. Some having balconies, and others having both balconies and living areas.

As an added bonus, you can also request a smartphone to use free of charge locally. And, once again, a hotel centrally located like this makes exploring the city easy. Everything is just a short walking distance away!

Reykjavik hotels with views


The Holt hotel should rather be called the “vault” hotel because this hotel is an absolute treasure trove of art by Icelandic master artists. In fact, it’s Iceland’s largest private collection. This 4-star boutique hotel is also conveniently located in the heart of Reykjavík. Rooms contain mini-bars, work desks (perfect for those digital nomads among us). Likewise, a pull-out sofa is available for those traveling with kids (or young at heart adults).

Those who have an appreciation for food can order a meal at the hotel’s famous fine-dining restaurant. People often comment on the hotel’s exterior, since it’s really nothing to write home about. But, as you can clearly see, this is one book you shouldn’t judge based on its cover.

Hotels in Reykjavik, Iceland

Plenty More Best Hotels in Reykjavík

In this article, we really have only scratched the surface when it comes to some of the best hotels in Reykjavík. You will really be spoilt for choice in the capital city.

Nonetheless, if you’re traveling on a budget, consider booking a room in one of the hotels near Keflavik airport, as it’s not too far from Reykjavík. The next day you’ll already be close to some of the best attractions in Iceland.

Once you’ve checked in, don’t forget that you’ll need to rent a car in Iceland if you want to properly explore the island. If you intend to visit during the busy summer months, we recommend that you book your rental well in advance to avoid disappointment.

If you need any other assistance during your stay, don’t hesitate to ask your hotel or some of the locals – all will be happy to help. Also, do have a chat with your rental agent about your Iceland itinerary. They can give you some helpful advice and spoil you with some discount vouchers! We hope you have a memorable trip and a memorable stay.



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