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The Best Travel Luggage For Your Trip

Best travel luggage for your trip

Alright, it's time! That special moment has arrived, and it's time to pack for your big trip. You prepared all the arrangements beforehand. Researched all the road trip essentials like a pro. Gathered the most fun things to do on a car road trip to make the journey as enjoyable as the destination, and you've done all the planning,

And now all that's left is to create your ultimate packing list for Iceland and to throw some clothes into your suitcase. You want to make sure that you have the best travel luggage available, so let's take a look at some of your options.

We'll go over the different brands and find something for every budget so that you can find your perfect choice for packing.

Best Travel Luggage For Your Trip: Some Considerations

The market is saturated with a lot of luggage brands, all offering different options and choices.  It can be difficult to identify the best one for you, and of course, everyone has different styles, preferences and personal tastes when it comes to luggage.

Some don't mind burning some bucks, while others will try to make the best of their trip by following tips to traveling cheaply. The same applies to luggage, there's a whole spectrum. From high-quality materials made by luxury brands to utilitarian, economical options, the wide range of travel bags can make choosing the right one difficult.

There's also the question of what it's used for. Do you need carry on luggage to fit into the overhead bins? There are no uniform airline requirements, so it's best to shop for a bag that can be used with multiple air carriers. Size and dimensions matter, so make sure you pick luggage that you don't have to pay an extra fee for at the gate.

You'll also want to consider scratch resistant hardside luggage to go into the underbelly of the plane. Checked bags generally need to be sturdier than soft-sided carry-on bags if they're going to survive the trip. A wheeled bag will make it easier to carry transport and a combination lock will give you peace of mind. These are some of the questions that you'll need to think about as we go over your options and pick out your perfect piece of luggage.

You're also going to be keeping price in mind. Not everyone's budget permits them to spend thousands of dollars on a top-of-the-line piece of luggage that is considered the best on the market. If you can afford that investment, great. But if not, we've also included some recommendations of the best luggage for travel for various price ranges.

Lastly, think of more practical concerns. Ask whether or not there's a lifetime warranty, how much packing space you have, the quality of the wheels, zippers, and handles, etc. With a car rental, for example, space is limited.

Best Travel Suitcase For Low to Mid-Range Budgets

If you're looking for the best travel suitcase that you can buy without going over your budget, I highly recommend American tourister luggage and Samsonite suitcases. These luggage brands offer sturdy, high-quality products that offer a great value for your money.

They focus on style, function, design, and durability that will serve you well on road trips or perhaps your honeymoon in Iceland, anything goes!

American Tourister

In the low to mid-range for prices, I would say that American tourister is the best luggage brand. It's a good, practical choice for vacationers who want good quality but perhaps don't travel very frequently. In this case, they don't really need luxurious suitcases or extremely durable luggage.

The company is owned by Samsonite, so you can find it pretty much everywhere, and it's a very dependable brand. They have a wide variety of styles including hardside and softside luggage, many different colors and finishes, and even styles for children. Your kiddies will love having Minnie Mouse or Spider-Man, or other Disney and Marvel characters on their suitcases.

American Tourister is the best travel luggage for when you're on a budget, and it's sold at Walmart, Macy's, and on eBags and Amazon.

Best travel luggage for budget travellers


Samsonite is a brand with over a hundred years of history and is considered by many to be the best travel suitcase. Their durable hardside and softside suitcases, garment bags, travel accessories, and backpacks are known around the world for their quality. Their wide range of products also include gliders and four-wheel spinners. With a low center of gravity, this stylish luggage is easy to maneuver and provides great value for your money.

You will find Samsonite luggage is retailed at  Macy's and online at Amazon, Zappos, and eBags.

Best Luggage For Travel: Mid-Range Price Point

Perhaps you're a traveler who has a little bit more money to spend on your suitcase and travel gear. Options like the Travelpro Maxlite or a purchase from Eagle Creek Might be the best luggage for travel for you. Each has their own distinct characteristics and fans of each brand are loyal.


It's no wonder that this mid priced brand of travel luggage is a favorite among pilots  and flight crews alike. Travelpro suitcases offer durability and quality at a value price.  something that makes this brand stand out from the competition is that was actually invented by someone within the airline industry. Pilots travel more than most of us, so they know exactly what's needed when it comes to a suitcase. This particular individual  realized the desperate need and gap in the market for wheeled luggage.

He created the popular Maxlite line which offers both 4-wheel spinner options and the more traditional two-wheel rollaboard. They've also got a wide range of colors and both hard side and soft side styles. The expandable spinner is one of their most popular models. They also have a newly-launched high-end option called their Platinum Elite line. you'll find all the bells and whistles of leather trim, Premier fabrics and even a lifetime “Worry-Free” guarantee.

You can  purchase one of these great Travelpro suitcases online on Amazon, Zappos, or eBags.

Eagle Creek

Another nicely priced mid-range option are Eagle Creek luggage and suitcases. These look like backpacks on wheels and are more for rugged outdoorsy types. These backpacks are perfect if you embark on a Landmannalaugar hiking adventure, for instance.

The casual vibe of this brand of luggage focuses mainly on functionality and durability. It can withstand long trips and rough treatment with its heavy-duty Wheels, coated polyester water-resistant fabric, and lockable zippers. These suitcases are made to last and come with a no matter what lifetime guarantee.

If you're looking to pay a little more, you can also get add bag straps and a key fob complete with a bottle opener.

Just like Travelpro, you can purchase these bags online at Amazon, Zappos, or eBags.

Best Suitcase For Travel: Higher-End Price Points

While this isn't the most expensive luggage out there, there are still some pretty nice options that require you to spend a bit more money. Here are some more possibilities if you're comfortable with spending a little more to upgrade your vacation suitcase. If you're looking into the best suitcase for travel, perhaps it's worth spending the extra money.


This is a popular and well-respected brand steeped in history. After all, it's the same company that makes Swiss Army knives, so of course they know about quality, functionality, and versatility. They've got hard and soft side luggage that requires you to spend a little bit more the mid-range prices. But it's completely worth it as these bags are built to last.

You can purchase these fine suitcases at Macy's, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and online at eBags.


Another fantastic above mid-range option are Tumi luggage and suitcases. Popular among celebrities and Europe's jet-set, this distinctive, high-quality luxury suitcase brand has a lot going for it. In addition to stylish bags with innovative features, they are also quite durable. Their customer service is second to none and you can also opt for lost luggage tracking, on-site repairs, and monogramming.

For me personally this is the best suitcase for travel because it's both fashionable and comes with durable, hardside accessories as well as luxury touches like fine leather. Lastly, its abrasion-proof ballistic nylon means it's built to last.

You can purchase Tumi luggage at Nordstrom or buy it online at Zappos and eBags.

Best travel luggage for luxury travel


This company has been around since 1877. In fact, that's actually the company's tagline. Part of the brand promise of Hartmann luggage and suitcases is to maintain the well-built, high-quality and style of travel in days gone by. They've also modernized and keep up-to-date with the latest technology with the rolling bags from their Glider line. This makes Hartmann luggage both classic and luxurious at the same time. It's no wonder that James Bond carried a Skymate suitcase in the iconic film Live and Let Die.

You can pick up one of these fine suitcases at eBags.


Lastly, some of the best luggage for traveling are Bric's luggage and suitcases. This Italian designer uses full grain leather trim along with super light polycarbonate in their hardside suitcases.  The high quality of the materials used is reflected in the price and the fashion forward design. This brand is especially popular with frequent flyers and the high-end Bellagio collection sports a classic look.

You can pick up this luxurious product line at Nordstrom's, Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus, and online at eBags.

The Best Luggage For Traveling

As you can see, there is a wide variety of options for the types of suitcases, garment bags and travel bags you can buy for your trip. Whether you're collecting destination ideas for a winter vacation or a summer beach trip, there's always a suitcase that suits your needs.

The best luggage for traveling is different for everyone, depending upon their travel style and budget. Hopefully, this list has given you a starting point to pick the best suitcase for you. Happy shopping and have a great trip.

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12 mar 2020

Met all my expectations, capacity expansion is very efficient

never saw a backpack with such quality fabric, is amazing, comfortable while light. Now have more options to put my stuff, the rear pocket antitheft is the best thing invented, can put my wallet and cell also things more valuable, outside have place booked with great quality material to take my notebook.

Fabric seems to be top quality, superb design. So much pockets and practical parts within the bag. 18 inch is HUGE! It somehow manages to look elegant, especially if you use side handle, like a smart briefcase. If you expand it like an accordion, it becomes A SERIOUS TRAVEL BAG. I think it is possible to pack FOR A…

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