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Top Yoga Retreats in Iceland & Places to Connect

Joining a yoga retreat can be one of the most transformative experiences of your life. Not only does it allow you to take time for yourself to really focus on your yoga practice, but it also sets you far away from the rush of everyday life. In this space, time seems to slow down and we gain valuable perspective in the process. In fact, realizations and insight (on some level, at least) are pretty much guaranteed!

Add into the mix beautiful surroundings and a supreme opportunity to connect with nature, and you have the recipe for an outstanding retreat. In this article, we take a look at some of our favorite places for yoga retreats in Iceland, with everything from vinyasa flow to chakra style retreats being explored.

We will also offer you a checklist of advice on the different ways you might prepare for your retreat, as well as ideas on how to approach it so that you get the absolute most out of every experience

men practicing yoga in Iceland's black sand beach

Top yoga retreats in Iceland

North Iceland mountain retreat

This first retreat center is located in a unique mountain venue in remote North Iceland. A weeklong retreat that has been put together by Reclaim Yourself UK, it is currently scheduled for October. Therefore, visitors are sure to be greeted by a gorgeous Icelandic landscape, blanketed in fresh snow.

The retreat center is a family-run farm with cabins, and has great eco-credentials with renewable energy powering it. They also employ local people, so it could be the perfect shot to practice your Icelandic! The farm is set in a beautifully wild location and is equipped with a sauna and hot tub for guests to use. There will also be a scheduled visit to the nearby Mývatn Nature Baths, one of Iceland’s natural hot springs.

When you are not practicing yoga or relaxing at the farm, there are guided mountain-hiking excursions to enjoy. This is also the time of year when the famous Northern Lights can sometimes be seen in Iceland. Since this dark sky location is situated away from any light pollution, it is the perfect place to see them should they appear.

Young woman sitting on a yoga mat in the outdoors

Places to visit while you’re there:

  • Spend a few days camping at Lake Mývatn and visit the nearby sights

  • Hire a car and tour the Diamond Circle in North Iceland

  • Spend a few days in the Akureyri, the capital city of the North

The Golden Circle spiritual retreat

This is one of the more accessible spiritual retreats in Iceland, located in the south. With facilities available for up to eighteen guests, there are individual cabins, a sweat lodge and a swimming pool. This retreat center is run by a handful of different groups and yoga teachers, so you can check their schedule to find one that suits you.

Places to visit while you’re there:

  • Explore the sights of the Golden Circle

  • Hire a car for a road trip along Iceland’s South Coast

  • Spend a few days exploring Reykjavík

Akureyri fjord retreat centre

Yet another top-rated retreat center in North Iceland, this one is conveniently located just across the fjord from Akureyri, the capital city of the north. This modern yoga and wellness center has beautiful spaces for practicing yoga, as well as treatment rooms, a geothermal Jacuzzi and a sauna.

woman practicing yoga in a lava field

The yoga retreat center faces out across the fjord with beautiful views of mountains and water. If you visit in winter, then you’ll have another high chance of seeing the Northern Lights. This Akureyri retreat center has a changing schedule of retreats with a wide range of teachers that are sure to fit your needs and preferences.

Places to visit while you’re there:

  • Hire a vehicle to tour the Diamond Circle in North Iceland

  • Spend a few days in the Akureyri, the capital city of the North

  • Head to Husavik, the whale watching capital of Iceland

The Ashram in East Iceland

This yearly seasonal retreat is run by a group from California in the months of July and August. As such, The Ashram is all about getting away from the usual crowds that are common during summer in Iceland. Tucked away in the eastern mountains, there are glorious hikes to be had through verdant valleys and high mountains.

The center itself is designed in a minimalist Scandinavian style. A farm turned luxurious hotel and retreat center, it boasts excellent hot tubs and saunas as well as healthy food served for all attendees.

Additionally, guests can enjoy daily massages and a program of films and storytelling in the evening. With only thirteen guests each week, this retreat has a real boutique and intimate feel to it.

woman practicing yoga in front of skogafoss waterfall in Iceland

Places to visit while you’re there:

  • Spend a few days camping at the village of Vik

  • Explore volcanic black sand beaches

  • See the Jokulsarlon glacier and lagoon

Preparing for your yoga retreat

To help you get the most out of your Iceland yoga retreat, we’ve put together a list of ideas. These may not all apply to you, but have a read-through and see what hits home.

  • Before you embark on your trip, begin to prepare yourself mentally. Start to tie up loose ends early so that you aren’t rushing too much or have a niggling list of things left undone.

  • If you do still have a list of things to do, just let it go. As you take off on the plane, close your eyes and let your troubles melt away. Your worries, while real, probably won’t feel as important by the end of the retreat.

  • As you travel to your retreat center, gradually start to disconnect from your devices. Trade screen time for window watching and focus on your changing surroundings. Take time to really see, hear and feel the exciting new places you are seeing.

  • Consider turning off all of your devices for the duration of your retreat. This is a difficult one for some, but those that think of it as a real challenge are probably the ones who need to do it most.

  • Letting your mind wander freely is a great educational experience. You could even go one step further and resist the urge to read a book and chat too extensively with your fellow students.

  • Make a decision of how sociable you would like to be and don’t feel bad about it.

  • Go to bed early and get lots of healing sleep.

  • Push yourself in your concentration and yoga practice.

  • Always be inquisitive

  • Get to know yourself better by sitting with yourself without distractions.

  • Take a notebook or pencils, paint and a sketchbook. Have some fun with expressions and note any revelations.

  • Try not to be competitive with yourself or others.

  • Be content with wherever you are in each moment. If you are not at any point, step back and ask yourself why.

  • Most of all, take time to connect with the magical setting of Iceland. Drink in the raw beauty of nature, feel the elements touch you and breathe in deep.

Each of these Iceland-based yoga retreats can easily be reached by taking the Ring Road. A rental car is an ideal mode of transportation for your trip, especially to best enjoy the natural wonders of Iceland and relax your body and mind.



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