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Experience Nature's Beauty: 15 Best Campsites in Iceland for 2023

Welcome to the land of Fire and Ice, where nature's most incredible landscapes await! If you're on the lookout for the best campsites in Iceland, then you're in for a treat.

Prepare your camping gear, dust off your sense of adventure, and get ready to pitch your tent amidst stunning vistas. Iceland, with its otherworldly beauty, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

So, without further ado, let's dive into our curated list of the best campsites in Iceland, where epic adventures and unforgettable memories await at every turn.

Best campsites in Iceland

1. Reykjavik Eco Campsite

Reykjavik Eco Campsite is a top destination for finding the best camping in Iceland. Located in the capital area, campers have easy access to Reykjavik and its vibrant cultural attractions.

Additionally, guests can explore an array of outdoor adventures, from hiking and biking to sightseeing and wildlife spotting.

The campsite is designed to provide space for up to 600 travelers, with over 300 spots that include grassy areas and electrical hookups for RVs.

  • Address | Sundlaugavegur 32, 105 Reykjavík

  • Price | 3200 ISK per adult in campers or tents, 4750 ISK per RV with two people, kids under 13 stay free

  • Facilities | Guest kitchen, showers, WC, Free WiFi, BBQ area, Outside sinks, RV Hookups, Laundromat

  • Open dates | All year

  • Website | Reykjavik Eco Campsite

  • Top Nearby Attractions | Reykjavik City Centre, Blue Lagoon, Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss Waterfall

2. Skógar Campsite

Skógar Campsite, one of the best campsites in Iceland, is a hidden gem nestled in the country's southern region. This popular camping spot is an excellent base for exploring the highlands and viewing Eyjafjallajökull. This volcano caused a massive air travel disruption across Europe in 2010.

With facilities such as bathrooms and showers with cold water, Skógarfoss is an affordable option for campers. The campsite is open all year round and attracts locals and international travelers.

Anyone looking to take on more of an adventurous trek can embark on a four-hour hike to Eyjafjallajökull from this campsite. And don't forget to check out Iceland's South Coast while you're there too!

  • Address | Skógum, 861 Hvolsvöllur

  • Price | 1500 ISK per adult older than 13 years

  • Facilities | WC, Showers

  • Open dates | All year

  • Website | Skógar Campsite

  • Top Nearby Attractions | Eyjafjallajökull, Skógafoss Waterfall, Vík í Mýrdal

Best camping in Iceland

3. Skaftafell Camping

The Skaftafell Camping is one of the best campgrounds in Iceland, situated on the edge of the magnificent Vatnajokull glacier. This campsite is perfect for anyone looking to experience nature's beauty as it is surrounded by an array of breathtakingly beautiful and diverse landscapes.

Furthermore, designated pitches are available for campers, and camping trailers have access to electricity. Skaftafell also offers nearby activities, such as hiking, sightseeing, and wildlife spotting.

The campground also provides a 3G mobile network and wireless internet so you can easily stay connected.

  • Address | Urridaholtsstraeti 6-8, 210 Gardabaer

  • Price | Starting at 1500 ISK per person, 1200 ISK per senior (67 years or older)

  • Facilities | WC, Shower, Laundromat, RV Electricity

  • Open Dates | All year

  • Website | Skaftafell Camping

  • Top Nearby Attractions | Vatnajokull National Park, Svartifoss Waterfall, Svinafellsjökull Glacier

4. Vogar Campsite Near Lake Mývatn

Vogar Campsite Near Lake Mývatn is one of the best camping sites in Iceland, offering spectacular views and endless outdoor activities.

Located near Lake Mývatn, campers have easy access to sights such as Mount Hverfjall and Hlíðarfjall. The campsite has an indoor kitchen and dining room that are heated year-round. Moreover, guests can empty their black water from the RVs and refill them with clean drinking water provided by Vogar Campsite.

When deciding when to visit Vogar Campsite, be sure to check out the Iceland weather by month in advance so you can plan accordingly.

  • Address | Vogar, 660 Mývatn

  • Price | 2000 ISK per adult over 14 years, 500 ISK per car/tent/campervan, 1500 ISK per Motorhome

  • Facilities | Shower, Indoor Kitchen, Free WiFi, Electric Hookups

  • Open Dates | All year

  • Website | Vogar Campsite

  • Top Nearby Attractions | Lake Mývatn, Mount Hverfjall, Hlíðarfjall, Dimmuborgir Lava Field, Námaskarð Geothermal Area

5. Egilstaðir Campsite

Egilstaðir Campsite, one of the best campsites in Iceland both for car and Iceland RV camping, is in the middle of a small town called Egilstaðir in east Iceland.

This popular camping spot offers guests 24/7 access to its facilities. Additionally, Egilstaðir Campsite is open all year round and ideal for travelers looking to explore the many attractions nearby – from Hengifoss waterfall to Vök Baths.

All in all, Egilstaðir Campsite is an excellent option for anyone looking to experience nature's beauty when visiting east Iceland.

  • Address | Kaupvangur 17, 700 Egilstaðir

  • Price | adults 13-67 years old 2250 ISK per person, senior and disabled people 1500 ISK, children under 12 Free

  • Facilities | WC, Showers, Laundromat, Luggage Storage, Bike Rentals, Play Park, Kitchen, Free WiFi

  • Open Dates | All Year

  • Website | Egilstaðir Campsite

  • Top Nearby Attractions | Hengifoss Waterfall, Stuðlagil Canyon, Vök Baths, Dettifoss Waterfall, Hallormsstaður Forest

6. Siglufjörður Campsite

If you're wondering where the best camping in Iceland is in 2023, look no further than Siglufjörður Campsite. Located in the center of this charming fishing village, it's the perfect spot to explore the many attractions this area offers.

Guests can enjoy the nearby services, museums, and activities within a 10-minute walk. To make sure you plan your trip accordingly, check out 'Best Time to Visit Iceland' for more information regarding weather conditions and other factors that may affect your stay.

  • Address | Hafnarstræti 91, 600 Akureyri

  • Price | 1400 ISK per adult, 1200 ISK for senior and disabled citizens, free for children under 16

  • Facilities | Restaurant, Waste Tank Discharge, WC, Swimming Pool, Walking Path, Washing Machine, Golf Course, Play Ground

  • Open Dates | 15 May to 15 October

  • Website | Siglufjörður Campsite

  • Top Nearby Attractions | Museums, Services, Nature Hikes, Bird Watching, Golf Course

7. Haukafell Campground

Haukafell Campground is one of the best campsites in Iceland, located in the remote southeast of Iceland. It is surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery and offers many marked walking trails, perfect for nature lovers.

It also does not have electricity at present, but this is something they are working on and plan to have available in 2024. For more comfort, they also offer 16m2 Canva tents with bedrooms and linens included.

The campground provides easy access to nearby attractions like Fláajökull Glacier and Vatnajokull National Park. Vatnajokull National Park is one of the largest national parks in Iceland.

  • Address | 8FWW+5W7, 781 Brunnholl

  • Price | 1500 ISK per adult, 1200 ISK per senior citizen, free for children

  • Facilities | Cold Water, Toilet Discharge, Charcoal Grill, WC, Hiking Trails

  • Open Dates | All Year

  • Website | Haukafell Campground

  • Top Nearby Attractions | Fláajökull Glacier, Vatnajokull National Park, Glacial Lagoon, Jokulsarlon Beach

8. Breiðavík Campground

Breiðavík Campground is one of the best camping sites in Iceland and is located in the remote northwest part of the country. It offers basic amenities like showers, WiFi, toilets, and luxuries like washing machines and electricity.

It also boasts some of the most spectacular views of the country with its bird cliffs and breathtaking fjords. Visitors can spot Atlantic puffins in the summertime at nearby Látrabjarg – a must-see for any bird lover!

Price-wise, Breiðavík Campground is one of the priciest on this list at 2400 ISK per adult. However, it's still worth it due to its spectacular location and great outdoor activities like hiking trails and wildlife spotting.

  • Address | Breiðavík / Látrabjarg, 451 Patreksfjörður

  • Price | 2400 ISK per person, free for children under 12

  • Facilities | WC, showers, washing and drying, RV Electricity

  • Open Dates | All Year

  • Website | Breiðavík Campground

  • Top Nearby Attractions | Látrabjarg, Bird Cliffs, Fjords, Hiking Trails, Wildlife Spotting

9. Ásbyrgi Campsite

Ásbyrgi Campsite should be on your radar if you're looking for one of the best campgrounds in Iceland. Located in the picturesque national park of Asbyrgi, this campsite offers a variety of amenities, from free WiFi near the main building to coin-operated showers and washing facilities.

The site is only open during summer due to heavy snowfall in winter. However, still, there are plenty of things to do - from exploring nearby trails perfect for hiking in Iceland to spotting some wildlife.

And with prices starting at just ISK 250 per site, it's one of the most affordable camping options available in Iceland.

  • Address | Vatnajökull National Park, Litlabrú 2, 780 Höfn

  • Price | ISK 250 per site, ISK 1250 per adult, ISK 700 for children, plus an extra charge of ISK 1000 for electricity

  • Facilities | WC, Dishwashing Stations, Free WiFi (close to the main building), Coin-Operated Showers, Washing, and Drying

  • Open Dates | Summer Months

  • Website | Asbyrgi Campsite

  • Top Nearby Attractions | Vatnajökull National Park, Hiking Trails, Wildlife Spotting

10. Hveragerði Camping Ground

The best camping sites in Iceland are found in the beautiful nature of Hveragerði. Located in Reykjamörk, it offers breathtaking views of the surrounding nature and a wide range of facilities.

It's also open all year round, so you can enjoy it anytime, no matter what season. Additionally, there are plenty of restaurants nearby. Thingvellir National Park is also just 43 minutes away – an ideal spot for hiking and sightseeing.

  • Address | Reykjamörk, 801 Hveragerði

  • Price | ISK 2000 per adult, children under 15 are free, ISK 1000 for electricity, ISK 800 for washing machine and dryer

  • Facilities | WC, shower, dishwashing station, electric car charging station, walking paths, golf course, swimming pool, horse rental

  • Open Dates | All Year

  • Website | Hveragerði Camping Ground

  • Top Nearby Attractions | Thingvellir National Park, Reykjadalur Natural Hot Springs, Hiking Trails, Wildlife Spotting

11. Hamrar Camping Ground

One of the best campsites in Iceland is Hamrar Camping Ground. It is located in Akureyri, known for its stark beauty and majestic Northern Lights. It offers various outdoor activities and facilities to help visitors experience nature.

Additionally, Hamrar also has boat rentals, hiking trails, and cooking facilities, all at reasonable prices.

  • Address | Hamrar 1, 601 Akureyri, Iceland

  • Price | Adults ISK 2,100 per night, free for children under 18, 1300 ISK for electricity

  • Facilities | Toilet, shower, electricity, washing machine and dryer, information exchange facilities, boat rental, internet access, cooking facilities

  • Open Dates | All year

  • Website | Hamrar Camping Ground

  • Top Nearby Attractions | Northern Lights, Akureyri, Hiking Trails, Wildlife Spotting

12. Vik Camping

Vik Camping is one of the best campgrounds in Iceland. Located just 1 km from Vik village center and offering up to 250 beds, it's perfect for groups of all sizes.

There are electricity boards, toilets, hot and cold water, and coin-operated showers. You can even rent a boat or hike along the nearby trails! These combined facilities make Vik Camping an ideal spot for experiencing nature's beauty in Iceland.

  • Address | Suðurvegur 5, 870 Vík

  • Price | ISK 1950 per person, ISK 800 for electricity, ISK 300 for shower, ISK 500 each for washing machine and dryer

  • Facilities | WC, showers, electricity boards, WiFi, washing machine and dryer, boat rental, hiking trails

  • Open Dates | 13th of May – 31 October

  • Website | Vik Camping

  • Top Nearby Attractions | Reynisdrangar Sea Cliffs, Dyrhólaey Nature Reserve, Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon, Hiking Trails

13. Vaglaskógur Campsite

Vaglaskógur Campsite is another one of the best campsites in Iceland, with plenty of amenities and attractions to offer. It features five camping grounds with access to toilets, showers, washing machines, and dryers, plus electricity boards for those who need them.

With its wheelchair-friendly facilities and nearby entertainment spots such as Akureyri, swimming pools, and mini-golf within easy reach, this site offers something for everyone.

Nature lovers will love exploring the forest's walking paths that are alive with birds, trees, and other wildlife.

  • Address | Vaglaskógur Tjaldsvæði, 607 Akureyri

  • Price | ISK 1900 per person, ISK 1300 for seniors and handicapped, ISK 1200 for electricity, ISK 500 for hot water and washing machine/dryer

  • Facilities | WC, showers, electricity boards, WiFi, washing machine and dryer, access for wheelchairs

  • Open Dates | Summer Months

  • Website | Vaglaskógur Campsite

  • Top Nearby Attractions | Akureyri, Vaðlaheiði Tunnel, Swimming Pool and Mini-Golf, Hiking Trails, Wildlife Spotting

14. CJA Campsite

Look no further than CJA Campsite if you're looking for the best camping site in Iceland. It's located on the forest farm Hjalli, in Reykjadalur, 2 km from the village Laugar.

CJA offers many facilities, such as toilets, showers, electricity boards (perfect for motorhomes), and washing machines/dryers. Plus, it's open all year round and reasonably priced– an excellent option for both nature enthusiasts and budget-conscious visitors alike.

Address | Hjallavegur St, 641 Laugar

Price | ISK 2000 per adult, ISK 600 per teenager (13-17), Children (0-12) free, electricity plug for motorhomes 700 ISK

Facilities | WC, showers, electricity boards, WiFi, washing machine, and dryer

Open Dates | All Year

Website | CJA Campsite

Top Nearby Attractions | Hiking Trails, Wildlife Spotting, Lake Myvatn, Akureyri

15. Eyjafjarðarsveit

For the best camping in Iceland, look no further than Eyjafjarðarsveit. Located just 10 km from Akureyri and in the heart of natural beauty, this is the perfect place to experience nature.

The family-friendly campsite offers plenty of activities and facilities for visitors. It has toilets, hot and cold water, a playground for kids to enjoy, and even a washing machine.

Plus, the nearby Christmas House and Holtsel's Hnoss cafe provide visitors with an opportunity to experience the holiday spirit year-round.

  • Address | Skólatröð, 605 Hrafnagilshverfi

  • Price | Adults ISK 1,600 per night, Electricity ISK 1000 per 24 hours

  • Facilities | Toilet, shower, electricity boards for motorhomes, WiFi access (in summer), washing machine

  • Open Dates | 15th of May – 30th September

  • Website | Eyjafjarðarsveit Campsite

  • Top Nearby Attractions | Christmas House, Horse Rentals, Golf Courses, Museums & Galleries, Hiking Trails, Wildlife Spotting

Map of the 15 best campsites in Iceland

here is a visual reference of the best 15 campsites in Iceland, by region. You are welcome to use it when planning your road trip around Iceland!

Unraveling the Charms of the Best Campsites in Iceland

Renting a car in Iceland is the way to go if you're looking for the best camping sites in Iceland. With its stunning natural beauty, thrilling outdoor activities, and glorious scenery, there's no better way to experience nature than to explore the country with a car.



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