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Experience the Thrill of Dog Sledding in Iceland: Your Ultimate Guide

Have you ever dreamt of gliding across pristine snowscapes led by a team of powerful huskies? Imagine the crisp Icelandic air on your face, the rhythmic patter of paws, and the unparalleled beauty of frozen landscapes stretching out before you.

Dive into this ultimate guide and discover the exhilarating world of dog sledding in Iceland. It's an adventure that promises to be both breathtaking and unforgettable.

dog sledding iceland

What Breeds Do They Use for Dog Sledding in Iceland?

Dogsledding in Iceland offers a unique blend of thrill and scenic beauty, made possible by the incredible sled dogs that power this adventure. The breeds primarily used include:

  • Siberian Husky: Originating from eastern Siberia, these dogs are known for their strength and resilience, making them perfect for the icy terrains of Iceland.

  • Alaskan Husky: A versatile breed with a history in the Americas, they are built for speed and endurance, ideal for the fast-paced excitement of dog sledding.

  • Greenland Dog: Native to Greenland, these dogs have a strong pack instinct and are traditionally used for hunting and sledding.

How Does It Feel To Go Dogsledding in Iceland?

We spoke to Florent, our in-house photographer at rs Iceland, about his unforgettable dog sledding experience in Iceland recently. With a nostalgic smile, he recalled, 'The moment those huskies bolted forward, I felt as if I was part of an age-old Icelandic tale.'

As he described the sensation of the cold wind brushing against his face and the rhythmic beat of the huskies' paws on the snow, it was evident how deeply the experience had touched him. 'Every glide, every turn was a new story.’ ‘Dog sledding in Iceland,' he mused, 'is like embracing the very soul of this land.'

Husky sledding Iceland

What Are the Best Dog Sledding in Iceland Tours?

Are you captivated by the allure of dog sledding in Iceland? Wondering where to start your own adventure? Here are some tours that Florent personally recommends.

The Dog Sledding and Transfer Around Reykjavík Tour

  • Duration: 3 hours

  • Location: Capital Region, Reykjavík

Don't miss out on the most sought-after dog sledding in Iceland experience! Whether you dream of gliding seamlessly on a sled across Iceland's untouched snow or feeling the rush on a kart, this tour offers it all, and it's available year-round.

Starting from the vibrant heart of the Capital Region, this is not only your best shot at experiencing the adrenaline-pumping thrill of dog sledding in Reykjavík but also the perfect day trip from Reykjavík. As you gear up for the husky dog ride, the palpable excitement of the sled dogs will be contagious.

With a seasoned Musher at the helm, you'll not only experience the ride of a lifetime but also delve deep into the world of dog sledding. And remember, capturing this once-in-a-lifetime moment with the huskies is non-negotiable! So, why wait? Secure your spot now and create memories that'll last forever!

The Dog Sledding From Reykjavík Tour

  • Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

  • Location: Capital Region, Reykjavík

For those with a tighter schedule but a heart full of adventure, this tour is your perfect match. Experience the thrill of dog sledding in Reykjavík in a compact time frame without compromising on the excitement.

Embark on this tour and unleash your adventurous spirit as you explore the stunning landscapes of Iceland, led by a team of energetic and skilled sled dogs. Feel the adrenaline rush as the dogs power through snowy terrains or navigate the rugged landscapes on a kart, depending on the season.

The Musher guide will share fascinating insights into the world of dogsledding, enriching your journey with their knowledge and passion for the sport.

And, of course, there will be an opportunity for a photo break to capture your unforgettable memories with the Huskies. This tour is high in demand, and slots fill up quickly, so don't miss out. Book your unforgettable adventure now!

Dog Sledding on Snow From Akureyri and Lake Mývatn Tour

  • Duration: 2 hours

  • Location: North Iceland, between Akureyri and Lake Mývatn

Dive headfirst into an authentic husky sledding in Iceland experience with this tour. Perfect for thrill-seekers, this adventure takes you on an unforgettable ride across North Iceland's snow-blanketed landscapes pulled by a team of high-spirited Siberian Huskies.

As one of the top things to do in Northern Iceland, you'll learn the basics of handling a dog sled from an experienced Musher, then take the reins to navigate the scenic trail yourself. Post-sledding, don't miss the chance to meet and cuddle the Siberian Huskies at the unchained kennel.

As slots for this immersive experience are limited and fill up fast, we strongly recommend booking your tour in advance. Don't just dream about this adventure; live it!

What To Bring When Dogsledding In Iceland

When embarking on a dog sledding tour in Iceland, it's important to come prepared. Here's a list of essential items you should consider adding to your packing list:

  • Warm Clothing: Dress for the weather, remembering that it can change rapidly in Iceland. Opt for thermal layers, insulating hats, gloves, and scarves. Don't forget warm socks!

  • Waterproof Outerwear: Snow or drizzle could be part of your adventure. Ensure your jacket and pants are waterproof to stay dry and comfortable.

  • Sturdy Footwear: Wear waterproof, insulated boots to keep your feet dry and warm. Boots should also provide good traction for snowy or icy conditions.

  • Sunglasses and Sunscreen: Even in winter, the glare from the snow can be intense. Protect your eyes with sunglasses and your skin with SPF-rated sunscreen.

dog sledding reykjavik

Embrace the Adventure with Dog Sledding in Iceland

As you reflect on the exhilarating world of dog sledding in Iceland, remember that the true journey begins when you decide to step out of your comfort zone. This land of fire and ice offers countless adventures, and by renting a car in Iceland, you're in the driver's seat to explore them all.

From husky-led sleds to winding roads through volcanic landscapes, every moment is a story waiting to be lived. So, why just read about it? Experience it! Book your dog sledding adventure and rental car today, and let your Icelandic story unfold.



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