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Discovering the Magic of the Hrunalaug Hot Spring in Iceland

Have you ever heard anyone say they feel like running into the mountains and hiding away somewhere? Well, if that’s ever the situation while in Iceland, Hrunalaug Hot Spring makes for an excellent getaway. This hidden gem is part of the hundreds of natural hot springs that can be found all across the island, but it is much more remote and private and lies in an almost fairy-tale-like setting.

If you have an upcoming trip to Iceland and would like to experience this magical place for yourself, read on. We tell you everything you need to know about Hrunalaug Hot Spring and how to plan your trip.

Hrunalaug Hot Spring

What Makes Hrunalaug Natural Hot Spring Such Hot Stuff?

Well, besides the obvious, Hrunalaug is actually a fairly well-kept secret here in Iceland, which means way less foot traffic and a real possibility of having the hot spring all to yourself.

The hot spring is still enjoyed in its natural form, although three pools have been “walled off” in stone. The water temperature ranges from 32 to 40 degrees Celsius. At one of the pools, you will also find what looks like a little hobbit house. This pool was built in 1935 and originally used to bathe sheep all the way up until the 1980s. But that’s not the oldest of the pools.

The first pool was built in 1890 so the farmer and his family could take baths and do the laundry. The biggest pool at Hrunalaug today can accommodate up to 7 people and was built by the current owner, who saw the growing demand. This is also why Hrunalaug boasts brand-new toilets and changing rooms.

Where is Hrunalaug Hot Spring in Iceland?

Hrunalaug Hot Spring is located in the south of Iceland. The nearest town is Fludir, but it has the potential as a day outing from the capital city, since it’s just a 1.5-hour drive from Reykjavík. That being said, Hrunalaugh is also located conveniently close to our popular Golden Circle route, so many opt to make it a stop along their road trip.

Hrunalaug Hot Spring in Iceland

Getting to Hrunalaug Hot Spring in Iceland

Most visit Hrunalaug in one of two ways:

Via a Tour

Hrunalaug is in a very secluded setting, and there is not a lot of space for big crowds. So, although you will find a few select tour packages that include Hrunalaug as a destination for smaller groups, your best bet would be to arrange a customized private tour with one of our local tour operators or guides.

Via a Self-drive

This is our preferred way of exploring the island and gives you the best chance of having that Hrunalaug privacy you crave. Driving to Hrunalaug is easy. Take Road 344 and turn off at the Hruni sign (this should be right before the town of Fludi).

Continue for roughly 3 kilometers and turn off on Road 345 (there will be another Hruni sign). Then, turn right at the Solheimar sign. Continue straight to the Hrunalaug Hot Spring parking lot, about 400 meters away. 

When is the Best Time to Visit Hrunalaug Hot Spring?

The hot spring is open all year round, and since it sits along one of our paved main roads, you can rest assured that the road is well-maintained throughout the various seasons. That being said, there are clear preferences among locals and visitors alike.

Some prefer visiting during the summertime in Iceland when daylight hours are plentiful, the weather is nice and mild, and temperatures are nice and high. Then there are those who prefer visiting during the shoulder months of May or October, when you can still get some of the summer perks, but not at those exacerbated summer prices, and there are no peak season crowds to contend with.

Others purposefully wait for the colder months, since they swear by the exhilarating contrast of the warm waters and the cold air. Also, always double-check the operating times before heading out, since these change with the seasons.

How Much Time Should You Allocate to a Visit to Hrunalaug Hot Spring?

Most visitors spend about 1.5 to 2 hours at Hrunalaug, but you’re free to enjoy the hot spring for as short or as long as you’d like. Just be considerate. You and your possie can’t devise a hostile hot spring takeover where no one else can enjoy this natural wonder.

Visit to Hrunalaug Hot Spring

How Much is Entrance to Hrunalaug Natural Hot Spring?

Adults pay about $15 for entrance, teens between 12 and 16 pay $11, and children under the age of 11 pay nothing. All payments can be made on-site, either by card or cash.

Other Things to See and Do Near Hrunalaug Hot Spring

If you’re on a road trip or would like to extend your stay in the area, we really suggest you check out these local highlights:

 hot spring iceland

Places to Stay Near Hrunalaug Natural Hot Spring

If you would like to overnight somewhere in the area, you’ll have plenty of places to choose from. For a touch of luxury and spectacular views, you can book a room at Hotel Fludir. For a comfortable but affordable stay, you can opt for Guesthouse Fludir or Guesthouse Dalbær. If you’re looking for the ultimate budget-friendly accommodation, look no further than Fludir Camping.

Hrunalaug: Your Golden Opportunity for Some Peace and Quiet on Your Golden Circle Road Trip

Hrunalaug makes the perfect stop along a Golden Circle road trip. Not only will the warm waters soothe any aches and pains of a tired traveler’s body, but it’ll give you a much-needed breather in an intimate setting with magnificent views over the Icelandic landscape. So, rent a car in Iceland and start your Golden Circle adventure, exploring the island and soaking in the hot spring and its views.



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