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The Most Popular Iceland Souvenirs

If there’s one thing that’s a completely unforgivable act, it’s having a friend or family take a trip abroad and not bringing you anything back. But then again, many end up with gifts like oversized t-shirts, and teaspoons. So, what are some of the best souvenirs from Iceland to buy?

In this article, we will tell you exactly what to buy in Iceland, what makes these Iceland gifts so great and special, and even where to find them. So, before you start scampering around on the island for those teaspoons, rather use our article as a shopping guide.

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The Top 9 Souvenirs from Iceland

The following are some of the most popular and much-appreciated Icelandic souvenirs:

Omnom Chocolate

Chocolate is always your safest bet when you don’t know what to get someone, and Omnom Chocolate as Iceland’s unofficial official chocolate brand is definitely a good idea when it comes to being authentically Icelandic as well as high quality.

Omnom has a few weird and wonderfully Icelandic flavors up its sleeve, one of which is licorice (or Lakkris in Icelandic) with sea salt. So, if you want a real taste of Iceland, that one will be your pick.

Omnom Chocolates can be found in most souvenir shops as well as supermarkets here on the island, but you can also visit the factory, and take a tour before making your purchase.

Icelandic Lava Salt

Sit down Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt, because Icelandic Lava Salt is here. Where else in the world can you treat someone to a culinary delight that comes from a volcano?! It’s completely natural, sourced by hand, gluten-free, and Keto-diet friendly, so it’s the perfect gift for your foodie friend, someone who’s extremely health conscious, or just a picky eater.

The best place to stock up on Icelandic Lava Salt is at one of the Reykjavík souvenirs shops that can be found on our infamous shopping street in the capital city, Laugavegur Street.

Lopapeysa Woolen Sweater

Woolen sweaters with beautiful patterns and colors are definitely one of the top authentically Icelandic souvenirs. These sweaters are a bit pricey, so they are the gifts you reserve for your nearest and dearest. At $150-$200 a pop you’re not going to be getting a sweater for Aunt Laura’s daughter’s second cousin.

Alternatively, you can opt to simply buy the Lopi yarn (which is considerably less expensive than the sweaters) and have them knit their own Icelandic woolen sweater. These sweaters can also be found on Laugavegur Street in Reykjavík.

Lopapeysa Woolen Sweater


This one’s for the drinkers among us. Brennivin is probably the most Icelandic alcoholic beverage you’ll find here on the island. The name translates to ‘Burning Wine’ which, admittedly, is not a great selling point, but this baby has some kick. Made from fermented grain mash, caraway, and Iceland’s soft water, Brennivin ends up in the category of alcoholic beverages with an 80% alcohol content!

You can get Brennivin at the Icelandic alcohol stores called Vinbudin or at the duty-free at the airport. Just keep flight restrictions in mind. You don’t want to buy cases of Brennivin that will simply end up being left behind at the airport.

Icelandic Hot Dog Topping

Many don’t know that the hot dog is referred to as the unofficial national food of Iceland. So, although you can take friends and family our legendary hot dogs, you can definitely bring them some of our toppings that give it that authentically Icelandic taste.

Our ketchup (and no, it does not taste the same as in the rest of the world), as well as our unique sweet brown mustard sauce called Pylsusinnep are absolute must-tries. You can grab a bottle of these toppings at a local supermarket or at the duty-free at the airport.

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Nature Condoms

This is the perfect Icelandic gift for that friend or family member known for their naughty sense of humor. These condoms were initially created for a specific campaign in 2010, but it was so well received that they stuck around.

The different types all have a unique Icelandic landscape flair, and you can choose from An erupting Volcano, An Erupting Geyser, A Steaming Hot Spring, and many more. Look out for these items at our souvenir shops on Laugavegur Street.

Lava Bracelets

Once again, this gift simply shouts out Land of Fire and Ice. These bracelets are made from hardened black lava and Tibetan Silver with a centerpiece that symbolizes the Icelandic culture.

To be honest, this is a bracelet that looks like it can be on the wrist of a Viking. The materials used to make this item are of incredibly high quality, the craftsmanship is out of this world, and the designs are truly Icelandic. A definite must for all those fashionistas among us. These are also items that can be found in Laugavegur Street.

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If you’ve got someone who enjoys traditional dishes or trying new food, Hardfiskur is a great option for a gift. Essentially, it is dried and salted fish (could be anything from cod, and haddock to seawolf). The fish is salted and dried out for months and is then enjoyed as a snack by locals.

Many eat it with some salted butter. But it doesn’t just taste great, it also has loads of health benefits to it. These snacks are low in fat, rich in protein, and packed with Vitamin B12, making them some kind of Icelandic superfood. You can buy little bags of Hardfiskur at our local supermarkets.


Blue Lagoon Beauty Products

For those who don’t know, our natural hot springs are not just for relaxing. These mineral-rich waters and silica-enriched mud have all sorts of healing properties, especially dermatologically.

That’s why they’ve become favorite ingredients to use in beauty products and skincare ranges. From creams to mud masks and more, these make great gifts for those in your life who enjoy some pampering. Blue Lagoon beauty products can be found at the spa at the Blue Lagoon.

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Iceland Souvenirs; Too Much to Choose From

We have merely touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Iceland souvenirs. You will find plenty of interesting, weird, and wonderful items in our stores. These items might also differ depending on which region or city you’re in here on the island.

So, if you are going to rent a car in Iceland and do a road trip around the island, be sure to check out the shops for some interesting new finds.



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