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Elves Houses in Iceland: Where to Find Icelandic Elves

A country that is as rich in both history and entangled mythology as Iceland, one is not surprised at some of the tall tales the island has for visitors. Or are they really tall tales? Most who come to the island know all about the Iceland elves, and they might’ve spotted some of the Iceland elves’ houses via a Google search.

But what do you really know about the elves and where they live? We address all of this in our article.

Iceland elves houses

Icelandic Elves Houses

Like many other visitors to the island, you probably also saw the cute little Icelandic elf houses on the internet. But this simply opens an entire can of, well, elves. Where do Icelandic elves live? And where can you go to find Icelandic elves?

Icelandic elf houses

You can actually find plenty of tiny elf houses in Iceland! And if you ask the right people (like us) you can get an elf houses Iceland map to take on your elf-hunting road trip.

Tiny elf houses in Iceland

What are Elf Houses Called?

Iceland elf houses are called "alfhol". But that doesn’t mean that every Iceland elf house is actually home to an elf. Icelandic elves are full human size and live inside cliffs and hills. Most of these houses have been built by the Icelandic people and put up to warn others about the presence of elves in the region.

Where do Icelandic elves live?

If you follow any Iceland elf lore, you’ll know that these little guys are extremely territorial. If you start messing around in their surroundings, they tend to retaliate. This is something many roadside and construction workers can attest.

Elf houses Iceland map

Where to Find Icelandic Elves Houses

Elves houses can truly be found all around the island. As we mentioned before, elves really live inside rocks, cliffs and hills. But these are a few popular spots you might want to add to your Iceland elf-hunting itinerary.

Elf houses Iceland map

  • The Elf Palace (and supposedly the Elf Queen) in Borgarfjördur Eystri in Eastern Iceland.

  • The Elf Market at Bjartmarssteinn Rock on the shore close to Reykhólasveit in the Icelandic Westfjords (also keep an eye out for the elf ships said to drop their wears).

  • The Elf Cathedral on the rocky hill called Tungustapi in Western Iceland.

  • Various elf homes in and around the town center and gardens of Hafnarfördur (the town is kind of an Iceland elves’ houses “hotspot”).

  • The Rock Walls of Asbyrgi Canyon, where it is believed plenty of elves have made their home due to the excellent hiding spots it offers.

Let the Elf Experts Take the Lead

Don’t want to DIY your Iceland elf-hunting trip? To learn more about these mythical folks from the experts, you can always opt for the following:

  • The Icelandic Elves Museum – this is probably one of the most interesting and best museums in Iceland. Here you will enter a magical world, jam-packed with everything there is to know about the elves and even get up close and personal to some artifacts.

  • An Iceland elf tour – here you will be told everything you need to know about the Iceland elves and all the stories behind them. All of this done by an experienced and highly-knowledgable local guide. You will also be taken to some of the most popular elf spots in your area whilst being entertained by all the local folklore. Most of these tours are walking tours.

  • The Elf School – this is an actual school, situated in the capital of Reykjavík. Those who want to learn everything there is to learn about the elves and the hidden people in Iceland can do so from trained scholars in the field. We have always heard rave reviews from those who have attended some of these classes and are said to be great fun.

Iceland elf house

Let The Adventure Begin!

Now that you have the inside scoop and a handy Iceland elves’ houses map to plot your trip itinerary with, your adventure can begin!

Just rent your car in Reykjavík (and remember to chat with your rental agent about your route, as you might need to rent a 4x4 in Iceland). Then book a tour, book a class, listen to a few of the local stories, and soon you will also be an Iceland elf expert.

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1 Comment

Apr 28, 2023

Love this country. I want to visit someday. We have five elves in our family.

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