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Parking in Reykjavik: What You Need To Know

If you’re planning your epic Iceland road trip adventure, you might be wondering ‘is it easy to find parking in Reykjavík?’. We’re here to answer this question and provide you with some top parking tips for Iceland’s capital. We'll include where to park, the cost of parking in Reykjavík and different parking zones to be aware of.

Driving in Iceland is a wonderful way to see this magical country and soak in its natural beauty. A road trip provides the ultimate freedom to travel whenever and wherever you please.

When renting your car in Iceland, it’s important to understand the rules about parking and know how to find the best, cheapest spots to leave your car. That’s where this comprehensive guide to Reykjavík parking will help.

Parking in Reykjavík Downtown 101 Area

While there are a few spots where you can park for free in downtown Reykjavík, parking in the Reykjavík downtown area (the 101 zip code) will usually come with a small charge.

There are different parking zones in Reykjavík to be aware of. Those closest to the center charging a higher fee than those further away from the central downtown area. The following map of parking zones in Reykjavík and costs gives you all the information you need to understand these zones and successfully park in Iceland’s capital.

Map of Parking Zones in Reykjavík and Cost of Parking in Reykjavík

This color-coded map of parking zones in Reykjavík should prove handy for your trip to Iceland’s capital. Each color corresponds to a different zone in downtown Reykjavík with a specific parking charge.

If you’re looking for a map of free parking in Reykjavík, note that parking outside of these colored areas in the downtown district is usually free.

Let’s break this down zone by zone:

  • Red and pink zones (P1) - Parking in this most central area of Reykjavík, home to Iceland’s most famous shopping street, Laugavegur, costs 385 ISK ($2.73 USD) per hour. These parking charges apply between 9am and 6pm on weekdays and 10am to 4pm on Sundays. The best place to stay if you want to be a stone’s throw away from Iceland’s shopping district. You can minimize time spent walking to and from your car by parking in the red and pink zones. It’s also useful to stay in these areas to have quick access to your car during the day, such as to leave any purchases.

Cost of parking in Reykjavik
  • Blue (P2), green (P3) and yellow zones (P4) - As less central areas, these zones will only cost you 200 ISK ($1.42 USD) per hour to park your car. If you choose any of the green areas, the per hour rate decreases to 190 ISK ($1.35 USD) for the second hour of parking and 55 ISK ($0.39 USD) for each subsequent hour. The times that these charges apply in P2 and P3 are the same as the red and pink zones above. You’ll have to pay to park in P4 from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday. A good point to know for weekend visits to the city is that the yellow areas (P4) offer free parking on Saturdays and Sundays.

Parking in Reykjavík Multistory Car Parks

As well as street parking, you can also rely on Reykjavík’s multistory car parks. These car parks are open each day from 7am to midnight and have varying charges, as below.

The multistory car parks of Stjörnuport on Laugavegur and Vitatorg at Skúlagata/Vitastígur cost 150 ISK ($1.06 USD) for the first hour. Each subsequent hour costs 100 ISK ($ 0.71).

You’ll pay 240 ISK ($1.70 USD) for the first hour and 120 ISK ($0.85 USD) for each hour after that at the following multistory car parks:

  • Ráðhúsið at Tjarnargata 11

  • Vesturgata 7

  • Traðarkot at Hverfisgata 20

  • Kolaport at Kalkofnsvegur 1

Overnight Parking in Reykjavík

If you wish to park overnight in Reykjavík, the multistory car parks are a good option. Remember that these car parks are closed between midnight and 7am, though, so you won’t be able to get your car out between these hours. Always check that overnight parking is allowed in the multistory you’ve chosen before you leave your car there.

Free Parking in Downtown Reykjavík

If you’ve ventured onto the roads of Iceland beyond Reykjavík’s city limits, you’ll know that parking is free almost everywhere in Iceland outside of the capital. That's perfect for some fun day trips from Reykjavík! You may also be surprised to learn that there actually is free parking available in the center of Iceland's capital city, too.

When hunting for free parking in downtown Reykjavík, you have to be quick. The free spots are in high demand, and it can be particularly difficult to find one during the high season.

Parking in Reykjavik downtown

Parking at Your Accommodation in Reykjavík

Some hotels and hostels in Reykjavík offer free parking. This can save you money and time finding a parking spot in the city center. If you plan to stay over in Reykjavík, this handy list of a few hotels and hostels in Reykjavík with car parking should be helpful to you:

  • Hostel B47

  • Nes Residence

  • Bus Hostel Reykjavík

  • Dalur HI Hostel

Choosing a hotel with parking available will take away the stress of searching for a parking spot. That will leave you more free time to enjoy the delightful restaurants of Reykjavík and explore the city to your heart’s content.

How to Pay for Parking in Reykjavík

There are parking meters or ticket machines in each zone where you can pay for your parking. Each machine will tell you which parking zone you’re in if you’re not sure. Conveniently, you can pay for parking in Reykjavík by cash or card.

Parking in Reykjavík Apps

If you’ll be parking in Reykjavík often and would prefer to use an app, you can check out Leggja: one of the parking in Reykjavík apps. There’s also another app you can use for Reykjavík parking called Parka.

These apps are not necessary for parking in Reykjavík; they’re more aimed at locals. So, we would say it’s only worth downloading if you’ll be parking in Reykjavík multiple times or plan to make many trips to Iceland.

Overnight parking in Reykjavik

Parking Fines in Reykjavík

As you may expect, parking in Reykjavík is strictly controlled. Make sure you don’t park somewhere you’re not allowed to, as you could end up with a ticket. Parking fines in Reykjavík start at 4,500 ISK ($31.92 USD) for the initial charge and rise to 9000 ISK ($63.84 USD) if not paid within 14 days.

Just be sure to look for a blue sign with a white P (usually fixed to lampposts) to ensure the place you’re leaving your car is a legit parking space.

Rent Your Car in Reykjavík

Get all set for your trip to Reykjavík by reserving your car in Iceland now. Discover the city and rest of the island in style with your car rental, allowing you the flexibility to travel wherever your heart desires.



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