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Reykjavik Restaurants

Table at a restaurant in Reykjavik

Iceland is not just about breathtaking scenic beauty; it’s a delightful experience for the taste buds too! You can find some amazing Reykjavik restaurants as well as cafes all around the country that offer delicious international and Icelandic food. After all, you need a plate of good food to finish off your adventurous day at the hot springs. And while you rent a car in Iceland to explore this beautiful country, you can try a wide range of cuisines on your way to see how diverse the food industry is here.

From traditional Icelandic delicacies and comfort food to continental cuisines and fine dining restaurants, you can find everything your belly craves, and so much more.

Best Places to Eat in Reykjavik

Wondering about the best places to eat in Reykjavik? Do you want to try some of the best Iceland restaurants? Their national dish is known as Hakarl which is made from fermented shark. But local cuisines that Reykjavik restaurants offer are a lot more than Hakarl and thank God for that! While eating fermented food may not be your first preference (or last for that matter), where to eat in Reykjavik is never an issue for travelers. The food here will leave you spoiled for choice and you may even come back for more.

Have a look at the following Reykjavik food that we highly recommend.

Fiskmarkadurinn Restaurant

Fiskmarkadurinn means “the Fish Market" in Icelandic and is in one of the oldest buildings of Reykjavik. The restaurant offers some of the best varieties of seafood and meat dishes. You can also have gluten-free as well as vegetarian options. With a wide variety of sushi and sashimi, Fiskmarkadurinn offers a delicious menu that includes their signature lobster soup, pan-fried Atlantic catfish, smoked puffin breast, and some mouth-watering desserts. Head chef Hrefna Rosa Saetran gives a Japanese touch to the fresh Icelandic produce making it one of the best places to eat in Reykjavik.

Dill Restaurant

Founded in 2009, Dill Restaurant is the first Icelandic restaurant to get a Michelin star. It focuses on deriving taste from fresh and seasonal ingredients. The founding chef Gunnar Gislason introduces traditional Icelandic and Scandinavian recipes with a modern touch and is one of the finest Reykjavik restaurants you will come across. Make sure to reserve your table in advance as this place is quite famous among local fine diners as well as travelers.

Kol Restaurant

After a long day of travel and explorations, you may want to sit down and indulge in some delicious comfort food. That’s exactly what Kol Restaurant, which is one of the best places to eat in Iceland, offers. The head chef Saevar Larusson has curated a wide range of options in starters, salads, seafood, steaks, and desserts to select from. The restaurant serves vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Fiskfelagid Restaurant

Food can take you to places you have never been to. And this is what the owner and chef, Larus Gunnar Jonasson, had in mind while crafting the menu of one of the best restaurants in Reykjavik: the Fish Company. With a lot of options to choose from, two dishes stand out the most: Around Iceland and Around the World. The Around Iceland platter is one of the crowd favorites as it features the fresh local ingredients from the sea with a dash of the most delicious Icelandic flavors. The Around the World platter takes your tummy to a cruise of well-balanced flavors from all around the world. If you are looking for a good seafood restaurant, Fiskfelagid is where you should head to.

Icelandic traditional soup at a reykjavik restaurant

Grillmarkadurinn Restaurant

There are several places to eat in Reykjavik, but Grillmarkadurinn (the Grill Market), is a must-go. It not only offers a good fish menu, but you can also try other mouthwatering options such as beef carpaccio, grilled chicken, lamb, and horse. The owners and head chefs Gudlaugur P. Frimannsson and Hrefna Rosa provide you with some incredible Icelandic cuisine with a twist of their own. The vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options make sure there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Snaps Bistro Bar

One of the most loved Reykjavik restaurants of the local Icelanders who come here for drinks, breakfast, brunch, and dinner, the Snaps Bistro is exactly what you need after a long and tiring day trip. The menu focuses on Scandinavian-style food along with continental dishes including steaks and sandwiches. Here you can enjoy French cuisine – the Icelandic way – where traditional fresh fish is used in French dishes like moules marinieres and bouillabaisse. The bar also offers a well-balanced menu of wines, beers, cocktails, and smoothies. With friendly service, delicious food, and a relaxed ambiance, this bistro is one of the best places to eat in Iceland.

Extra: The Best Restaurants in Reykjavik for a Quick Bite

If you are in Reykjavik Iceland, restaurants can spoil you with all kinds of menus. From trying the freshwater Arctic char fish that Iceland is famous for, to Mexican street food, you will be amazed by how diverse the menus of Iceland restaurants are. However, the best places to eat in Iceland don't have to be fancy and expensive. Try some good Reykjavik food here:

Baejarins Beztu Pylsur

When you are pressed for time and in no mood to put on a jacket for some fine-dining Reykjavik food, the Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur hot dog stand is where you should go. This tiny hut was once a hidden gem where people would go for a quick bite of delicious Icelandic hot dogs. It’s not hidden anymore! You can see a long queue of customers here. Baejarins Beztu Pylsur has been visited by many famous personalities including President Bill Clinton and Kim Kardashian. Why not add your name to the list too?

Icelandic hot dogs with remoulade sauce

Hlemmur Matholl

Finding good places to eat in Reykjavik can be hard when you are traveling in a group. Some people may want to have pizza, while others may prefer tacos, and you may be in the mood for just some ice cream! Whether you are traveling solo or in a group, Hlemmur Mathöll is where you need to go. It is Iceland’s first food hall where you can enjoy food from ten different restaurants in Reykjavik, Iceland in one cozy place. Whatever you are in the mood for, you will find some of the best Reykjavik food right here.

One thing is for sure:  Reykjavik restaurants will not disappoint you. The fresh seasonal ingredients, local produce, and Icelandic spin on some of the most loved dishes will keep calling you back. And there is nothing better than some delicious warm food after a long, tiring day filled with Iceland's best adventures.


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