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All You Need to Know About Toll Roads in Iceland

Get the lowdown on toll roads in Iceland to prepare for your once-in-a-lifetime adventure in the ‘Land of Ice and Fire’. From cost to location to payment method, we’ve got all the important information about toll roads in Iceland covered.

Are you preparing for your self-driving tour of Iceland? Here's all you need to know about the country’s roads, including the toll roads you may encounter on your travels.

Toll roads in Iceland

Are There Toll Roads in Iceland?

Yes! There is a toll road in Iceland, but only one. 99.9% of roads in Iceland are free to drive on. There is only one exception where you have to pay a toll: the Vadlaheidarargöng Tunnel.

In the past, there were other toll roads in Iceland, though. The most famous one was the Iceland Hvalfjardargong toll. Luckily, they are now toll-free for you to drive through in your Iceland car rental! Typically, only newly built tunnels require toll payments in Iceland.

The Only Toll Road in Iceland: Vadlaheidarargöng Tunnel

Opened in 2020, the newly constructed Vadlaheidarargöng Tunnel is the only toll road in Iceland. It is located in Northern Iceland, just to the east of the city of Akureyri. This Iceland toll tunnel connects the east bank of Eyjafjördur, one of the longest fjords in Iceland, and Akureyri. The latter happens to be the fifth-largest city in Iceland.

The Akureyri Iceland tunnel toll road itself is about 7 kilometers long. It shortens the famous Iceland Ring Road, or Route One, by around 20 kilometers. For many, this may not make too much difference. Well, that may be true during the summer.

However, during the winter months, it can mean the difference between being able to get to your destination or not. Snowfall and strong winds often make the Vikurskard road, which the tunnel replaces, impassable during winter.

Iceland tunnel toll

Cost of the Iceland Tunnel Toll

The Vadlaheidarargöng Iceland Tunnel toll cost is dependent on the type of vehicle you’re driving. However, the basic price you can expect to pay for the Iceland tunnel toll is 1,500 ISK for cars under 3.5 tons, which is around $10 USD.

These prices are written on the sign at the entrance to the Iceland toll tunnel for reference. The blue toll sign in Iceland says ‘toll road’ in English, so you won’t miss it!

Here’s a breakdown of all the Iceland toll tunnel payments by vehicle type and size:

  • Vehicles under 3.5 tons: 1,500 ISK (around $10 USD)

  • Vehicles 3.5 to 7.5 tons: 2,500 ISK (around $17 USD)

  • Vehicles over 7.5 tons: 5,200 ISK (around $36 USD)

If you’re driving a vehicle under 3.5 tons, i.e. most cars, you can also save money by purchasing prepaid trips. This option is only worth it if you’re planning to stay in Iceland for an extended amount of time. Or if you will be travelling through the Iceland tunnel toll multiple times. 10 trips cost 12,500 ISK (around $87 USD) and 50 trips cost 40,000 ISK (around $277 USD).

These prepaid trip packages do not expire; however, the single trips expire within 24 hours.

Iceland Toll Tunnel Payment: Cash or Card?

You may be wondering ‘do toll roads require cash in Iceland?’ and we have the answer for you. In fact, the only way to pay for tolls in Iceland is by online card payment on the official Vadlaheidarargöng Tunnel website. You can purchase your trip up to 24 hours before or after your passage through the tunnel.

You can register your car license plate on the website and make a prepayment before your trip. Likewise, you can complete the same process after passing through the Iceland toll tunnel – just make sure to do this within 24 hours, and you’re golden!

Iceland toll tunnel payment

Cost of Driving in Iceland: Gas and Tolls

When you’re planning your budget for your Icelandic adventure, you might like to calculate the gas and tolls for your trip to get an idea of how much driving in Iceland will cost you.

We recommend researching the latest Iceland gas prices constantly. You can also check the diesel and gas prices in Iceland by supplier. This way, you’re aware of the most cost-efficient gas stations to stop at. This will also help you fathom the main differences between Diesel vs Gas and what to choose when renting a vehicle in Iceland.

If you know how long you’ll be driving in Iceland for, you can make a rough calculation of the amount of money you’ll spend on gas and add the Iceland toll tunnel payment (for either one or two ways). This will give you an overall idea of extra money to account for when driving in Iceland.

Explore Iceland on Your Own Terms

Now you know what to expect in terms of toll roads in Iceland, it’s time to prepare for your Icelandic adventure.

Have fun planning your itinerary and booking incredible activities to enjoy on your vacation in Iceland. In no time, you’ll be sitting back and relaxing in your Iceland car rental, ready to explore the magical landscapes that this unique island has to offer!



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